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This is probably the last drawing of Aesis I'm ever making.

    Alright, so I made this picture about two months ago-- a year or so after I left the group. I check on it (the group) occasionally, crack a smile when I see new events...Knowing that I'm not going to attend. I'd feel unwelcome, a traitor. 

    Regardless, AALC was not the first group I joined/first group I attempted to join. However, it was the first RP group on dA that I devoted a large amount of time to. The two years I spent there were great- I would personally consider it one year though, considering the time I spent going on and off 'spontaneously' poofing. Since I was (very) young when I joined the group, you could say that my roleplaying roots were slim. Very. Slim. Aesis was spun off the top of my mind because at the time, I was creating a character based on 'what hair color have I not used for a character'. Yeah. It's true. Stupid, isn't it?

    The depth of his character was very, very bad. None, really. I took the Mary sue litmus test for him- And it said he wasn't a Mary Sue. But what was the problem? I found him terribly boring to roleplay. Not just Aesis, but the rest of my characters grew boring to roleplay over time. I apologize to SynthesizedConiine , if I might've pressured you. I was an idiot.

    When I created Aesis, I was building off of a different written format than the one the group suggested. Elaboration on his familial status? That wasn't my idea at all. I ended up spitting random character details at him, many that probably contradicted themselves. I wasn't thinking. I was just caught up in the excitement of making a character. (This is because I was rejected from the group I wanted to join, but hopes of getting accepted to this 'new' roleplaying group became the real motivation.)

    Character development, at the time, was the least of my worries. 

    Going on....Pai.

    Pai was fun to roleplay, for a brief amount of time. Brief.
At the time I created him, I had a hilarious math teacher that was great at making us laugh. I couldn't emphasize the same things with Pai, so I gave up on him over time as well. He wasn't fun, like I'd thought he would be. 

    Pai, however, did not 'live up to my expectations'. He himself was entirely different, but I grew to hate doing the assignments because-
I feared it would not live up to expectations as well. I came up with boring math assignments. You know why? I didn't know what level of math to consider the characters learning. Why would they need to learn math?

    Rhys was inspired by yuumei ( ; I'd rather not link her name so as to not bother) - Her 'knite' story.  
Kites! Wasn't that cool?
I didn't really think so after I made Rhys.
AALC was rather flexible with species at the time, so I thought it'd be great- but she (Rhys) was just as boring. Creating anyone who's antisocial leads you nowhere- you are forced to bend their personality to communicate, interact with others. If your character 'avoids people', then good luck finding someone to interact with. 

    If you think otherwise, that's great. I don't care.

    Seriously, I didn't roleplay her right-- and by that, I mean not according to her personality. I suppose she might've had more potential to be a better character...Eh. All of them might've.

    Syril...Ah, Syril.
If you're not from AALC, you might/might not have noticed the 'food' names. It started off with Aesis- his name isn't food, but he summoned food. Bananas. Pai was pie, Rhys was rice, and...

    Syril was cereal.

    At the time, I'd read a book (I don't remember the name, I think it was back to the divide or something- It was about a boy with an illness who stood on the Equator and traveled to a new world. When I read it, it was amazing (at the time). I might go look for it again. ) which led me obsessed with gryphons. I wanted to try my hand at drawing one... Eh. It didn't turn out as I hoped.

    "Why not make it a character?"

    I thought that was a great idea- But then I was supposed to make him human? Why not hop on the bandwagon and give him three forms-
Hahaha. Again, back then, I was striving for acceptance- And I sought that through being funny. Or unintentionally funny, at some points in time? I don't remember. I do remember, though, being an idiot and TALKING IN ALL CAPS HAHAHHAHA. 

    Going on: I wanted to give Syril disposable thumbs. Why? It was at the suggestion of my brother, who was...13? At the time. 

    For a kid like me, that suggestion- A gryphon with disposable thumbs- was hilarious. 

    I never got to incorporate it.

    But, despite my lack of experience with...anything (Roleplaying, drawing), I still had fun (most of the time). The group did help me learn how to roleplay and draw better, and I've improved more and more over time. 

    ''Why are you writing this now, of all times?"

    Because AALC is closing. 
    AALC- was two whole years of my childhood. Of course I'll miss it when it's gone. The many friends I'd made (unsure if they are still, I haven't really kept in contact. My fault.), the experiences I'd had...Everything.

    If you were there when I mass-deleted 300+ pictures off my gallery, most which were related to AALC-

    I saved all of them. 

    (Well, most of them, I deleted lots of crappy half-assed ones.)

    I still look at them occasionally to give me inspiration. 
"Wow, you've improved so much...Look at this idiot's art!" is what I think when I look at them.

    But I will miss AALC. And everyone there. Really. Despite all the good and bad experiences, AALC was important to me.

    I'd like to thank everyone (who knew me) for roleplaying with me, drawing my characters, talking to me, and putting up with my dumb past self. It's something that occasionally I'd wish to forget, but I don't want to, if that meant forgetting my past experiences.

Besides, it's helped shaped me into who I am now. 

I guess this is goodbye? Who knows....

If you still want to keep in contact, go ahead and ask.

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